Is there any part of childhood more magical than a birthday party?

The moments leading up to when your child’s guests arrive and are filled with the wonder and excitement that can best be experienced by a child’s imagination. Even something as simple as a backyard barbecue can become a magical wonderland for the little ones.

Often, our entertainers walk into birthday parties with their big box of crafts and find themselves swarmed with eager and curious kids who can’t wait to uncover the creativity dwelling just out of reach. (Spoiler for the parents: the most magical thing inside that box is usually face paint).

If you’ve ever stared at a painting and felt emotion pulled from you, perhaps you can relate to the evocative power of art. Well, face painting is no different for the little ones. It sets the tone of magic and kicks the excitement level up a notch. Here’s how:

  • Have the Birthday Child painted just before the guests arrive:Kid's Birthday Parties

    When your young party goers walk in, they’ll see their friend, cousin, or classmate’s face painted with beautiful colors and creative pictures and be filled with inspiration for their own designs. It kicks the party off right and makes your little birthday princess (or prince) feel extra special.
    Bonus***Try having the birthday child painted with a design that matches the theme of their party. Our face painters know more than 50 designs and characters and can easily paint your little one to match their favorite TV show, superhero, or comic book character.

  • All that color makes your party photos POP!

    There’s nothing better than going back year after year and looking through old photos of your kids from years past. It’s also just as rewarding to share those photos with friends and family that can’t make it to the party that day but still want to savor the excitement. Make your party photos extra colorful and bring a little more creativity to the party with a splash of color on each and every child’s face.

  • Face painting is for the shy kids too

    Sometimes, when we come to a party, we meet a few shy children who would rather not have somebody painting their face. Face painting is an inclusive activity that doesn’t leave anybody out. If your child doesn’t want full face paint, we can also create beautiful designs with arm paint or simple cheek art.
    It’s also worth mention to the mommies and daddies that all our face paint is water-based, hypoallergenic, and washes off with simple soap and water.

  • Face painting gives party guests and the birthday child something special to remember

    Many of our designs include bling gems, so children have a small token to take with them after the party. It’s a reminder of the fun that happened and will follow them for days to come. Some children even like collecting and trading the small keepsakes.

Face painting is the perfect party activity whether that child is celebrating their 1st birthday or their 10th birthday. To book a face painter for your next party, please click here!

Who knew a simple plastic circle could be so much fun?

The modern day hula hoop was “invented” in 1958 by Arthur K. ‘Spud’ Melin and Richard Knerr, but children and adults have been dancing through circles throughout most of history.

In recent history, hula hooping was grown from being a children’s activity to becoming a performance and exercise prop and taking the world by storm with a workout craze. It continue’s to spur adults and children alike to get up and dance and even incites other venue’s like fire performances. That’s a lot of hoopla!!!

But whether you’re breaking world records or dancing around your living room to your favorite music, you can’t deny the fun a hula hoop brings. At its heart, that little plastic circle is a fun way to inspire creativity. Nobody knows this better than children, who instinctively know how to play and be creative with a hula hoop.

So if your throwing a backyard barbecue or having a sassy soiree, we thought we’d put together a list of fun things you can do with lovable hula hoops. These are games you can create on your own or if you want to circle it up with a newer spin, hire one of our entertainers to help you .

  1. Hula hoop contests: How long can you keep it going? Different sizes and weights to fit different body types, makes all the difference in making this a fun activity.
  2. Hula hoop hop scotch –with prizes, of course. We make tiny sized hula hoops so little feet can fit and have ease in their jumping distance.
  3. Create an obstacle course with hula hoops. Have kids jump through hoop “portals” when you set them up vertically, or have them climb through the hoops set up horizontally. Create portions of the course where they must prove their skills by hula hooping for 5 seconds and other skills, or make it so they can’t move on until they use the hoop as a jump rope. The creative ways you can use a hoop are unlimited. Use your surroundings and have fun with it!
  4. Bean bag toss with a hula hoop: have an older child stand inside the hoop with the hoop acting as a “big belly.” The other children line up and toss bean bags into the hoop. It can be a competitive game with teams or just for fun.
  5. Take a hike, please: This was a game similar to tag that we used to play in gym class. It’s good for slightly older kids around the ages of 7-9. Start by sporadically laying out 10 hula hoops to act as base. Only one child can be inside each hoop at a time, and if another child asks them to “take a hike, please” they must leave and find a new base. If they are tagged outside of base, they are out. If you really want to turn up the competition, you can remove a hoop every few minutes.
  6. BONUS -Make your own hula hoop!                                                                                                                      Let help with the hoop games and more, when the kids create their own hula hoops. Our entertainers will bring all the supplies (hoops, colored tape, stickers, glitter, gems, and other fun supplies) for this craft and teach them skills and play games with them. Afterwards, kids get a special party favor to take home, their newly made hula hoop, and practice what they’ve learned at the party. It keeps the kids talking about the fun even after the party celebration is over.

So there you have it. Create these games yourselves or bring one of our Fun Forward entertainers to create and play out the fun with your guests. No matter what you do, make sure you’re having fun while you do it.