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Hula Hooping for Fun, Fitness and Entertainment!

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“A hula hoop is a toy hoop that is twirled around the waist, limbs or neck. The modern hula hoop was invented in 1958 by Arthur K.    “Spud” Melin and Richard Knerr, but children and adults around the world have played with hoops, twirling, rolling and throwing them throughout history!”
~ Wikipedia


Whether you think of a hula hoop as a toy or a prop in a hula hooping work out, one thing is for sure. Hula hooping is fun!!! For kids it can be the perfect toy. It presents lots of creative play and fascination for endless circling around, and around. For adults, it is “exercise in disguise”. Thirty minutes of skills and a twirling workout can burn up to 210 calories, American Council On Exercise which is within accepted guidelines for exercise that contributes to weight management. That’s hardly child’s play. So whether you’re a little kid or a bigger kid, fun is the aim, hula hooping is the game and our motto is : “ We want to make you smile!”


Fun Forward offers the following Hula Hoop based services:

► Hula Hoop Classes/Workshops weekly for all levels!  Learn how to Hula Hoop for FUN, FITNESS and STRESS RELIEF!

After School and Girl Scout Workshops

Corporate Workshops

Private lessons

Make your own Hula Hoop and learn new skills

► Hula Hooping activities as part of your party for both children and adults!

Hula Hooping Entertainment

Hula Hooping Games, skills and competitions to enhance the party fun

► Custom, handmade and themed Hula Hoops as a unique gift for purchase

► Bulk Hula Hoop orders available